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Okay, maybe I did say that I was ready for date but am I? If someone were to actually ask me would I be able to accept the invitation? My ex has been able to move on (almost immediately after I am guessing..or perhaps during) after "we" ended; why can't I? I have repeatedly asked myself this even though I know the answer. Those who can move on immediately are able to do so because they did not love us. In this case he never loved me, I was but a mere convenience much like a 7-11...always happy to serve him when he arrived and always sorry to see him go. The difference is that he never paid me.

My relapsing remitting ms scares me but I suppose knowing that I may never date again scares me more. Why is it so difficult to meet a man who does not have a propensity to being the absolute scum of the earth? This man knew the Bible inside and out and quoted from the Bible. Now Valentines is coming and I have an appointment with my neurologist...what a very sad excuse for a date.  

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